Google Explore In Search Adds Local Listings

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Google Explore is that weird feature you get when you keep scrolling and scrolling through the search results. Then Google hits you with this explore feature to expand your query in a very visual way. Well, it seems like Google added local listings to the Google Explore section.

We’ve seen Google expand the explore feature in the past and maybe local was there but I am not sure.

Both Khushal Bherwani on Twitter and Glenn Gabe on Twitter both think the local aspect is newish.

Here is what Glenn Gabe shared, showing how a local listing is showing up in the Explore feature:

click for full size

Here is a video cast from Khushal:

↗️ Google explore with business in different way , it’s with overlay feature.

↗️ Notice first time.

↗️ Before covered as – Google Explore” Testing As The Dynamic SERP Feature via @rustybrick @glenngabe –

↗️ now with business profile with overlay

— Khushal Bherwani (@b4k_khushal) March 1, 2023

Here are more screens from Glenn:

For example, a search for Princeton, NJ yields Explore just a few scrolls in, and the first result contains multiple local listings (in a carousel). When tapped, you can view each local listing in an overlay. Very interesting.

— Glenn Gabe (@glenngabe) March 1, 2023

Does anyone really even use Google Explore?

Forum discussion at Twitter and Twitter.

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