Google Says Bard Got Better At Math & Logic Using PaLM

Apr 4, 2023 | SEO News Feeds | 0 comments

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Jack Krawczyk from Google, who is the lead on Bard, said on Friday that Bard just rolled out improvements around math and logic. It incorporated PaLM, Google’s language model, into Bard, which helped it achieve these upgrades.

“Now Bard will better understand and respond to your prompts for multi-step word and math problems, with coding coming soon. This improvement makes Bard even more useful to people using it,” Jack Krawczyk added.

Did you notice any improvements over the weekend?

Google’s CEO, Sunday Pichai, was recently interviewed by the NY Times where he said these improvements were coming, I actually did a tweet thread covering the points that interested me on the topic on Friday. Here is the first tweet in the thread but I’ll summarize it below:

The @CaseyNewton and @kevinroose over at the @nytimes interviewed @sundarpichai about Bard/AI etc

— Barry Schwartz (@rustybrick) March 31, 2023

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Sundar was not surprised by the less-than-stellar reaction Google received on Bard’s release because they used a toned-down LaMDA model. He was however surprised with how much of a splash ChatGPT made, he said “the reception from users, I think, was a pleasant surprise for — maybe even for them, and for a lot of us.” He said it is kind of like putting a Honda Civic against a powerful race car. But it will get better fast, he said.

Sundar also didn’t outright say that Bard won’t be able to replace search, he said things will adapt but didn’t deny it won’t replace Search, even though Jack said that before.

Sundar said “Sergey [Brin, the Google co-founder] has been hanging out with our engineers for a while now.” and Sergey said “it’s the most exciting thing he has seen in his lifetime…”

In terms of publisher concerns and the ecosystem. Sundar Pichai said, “I think we’ll be committed to getting it right with the publisher ecosystem.” Bard will evolve, “so you will see us thoughtfully evolve there as well,” he added.

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Here is the transcript from that back and forth on publishers concern with Google Bard and AI. Typical Google PR statement.

— Barry Schwartz (@rustybrick) March 31, 2023

Yes, Google will continue to adapt Bard and try to improve it based on feedback. We see it happening and we see it happen with both ChatGPT and Bing Chat and others:

We’re always balancing new capabilities for Bard with efficiency. And this update is one example of the many improvements we’re making to Bard every week. There’s a lot more to come and can’t wait to share more as we continue to get your feedback and make Bard even better! /3

— Jack Krawczyk (@JackK) March 31, 2023

Again, curious if any of you saw an upgrade here in your tests?

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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