How AI is Disrupting The Marketing Industry

Mar 9, 2023 | SEO News Feeds | 0 comments

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Seemingly overnight, artificial intelligence (AI) has 10x-ed marketers’ capability to produce content.

And with GPT-4 due to launch in Q1 of 2023, the marketing community couldn’t be closer to achieving its dreams of streamlining research, ideation, delivery, analysis, and iteration across all creative formats (text, audio, image, and video).

However, with AI getting hyped more and more every day, we see designers, copywriters, and all kinds of marketers worry and ask:

Top Questions Around AI & Job Security

  1. 1. Will My SEO Job Or Content Marketing Career Disappear Because Of AI?
  2. 2. How Will AI Enhance My Digital Marketing Job?
  3. 3. How Can PPC, Paid Media & SEO Professionals Incorporate AI?
  4. 4. How Do I Learn To Integrate AI Into My Marketing Job In A Career-Safe Way?

That’s why we’ve included an AI In Advertising track to this year’s Ad World 2023 at-home conference.

In the meantime, let’s answer some of your most pressing questions about AI in marketing.

Will My SEO Job Or Content Marketing Career Disappear Because Of AI?

The short answer: No. AI will not take your digital marketing job.

The long answer: AI will multiply touch points and accelerate testing, which will empower your relationship with work and your personal bandwidth.

There is good news when it comes to AI: AI is also not going to “take over everything humans do.”

It’s just going to be one of the standard tools everyone in the digital industry uses to make their work more optimized.

How Will AI Enhance My Digital Marketing Job?

AI tools like ChatGPT will:

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  • Equip you with tools that make creative briefings clearer.
  • Enable pitch ideas that share information faster and more accurately.
  • Create better client relationships between departments and within marketing agency partnerships.
  • Uncover tool integrations that give you an undeniable competitive advantage.
  • Reduce time spent on analysis and ideation.
  • Test more creatives and marketing concepts.
  • Enable more products and marketing campaigns to be launched in a shorter time.
  • Offer small businesses more accessible copywriting and design, preparing them to scale into creative expertise in the future.

How Can PPC, Paid Media & SEO Professionals Incorporate AI?

For advertisers and SEO experts, integrating AI means gives you more comprehensive creative testing and the opportunity to refresh assets more often at a fraction of the original cost in time, resources, and budget.

You’ll enhance your workflows through automatic:

  • Keyword idea generation.
  • Video ad hooks and scripts.
  • High res original image ads.
  • Headlines, description lines, and extensions for Google Responsive Search Ads and Performance Max.
  • Headlines, descriptions, and primary texts for Facebook Ads and posts.
  • Captions for TikTok Ads and posts.
  • Subject lines, subheader, and body copy for email campaigns.
  • Product descriptions for Shopify.
  • SEO-optimized articles and landing pages.

You see, AI will make marketing efforts and content creation more worthwhile, because original content tends to be underutilized, but with AI it will be published across more platforms, in more formats, and in record time. This will make original content creation more profitable than ever before. You’ll be able to:

  • Summarize video transcripts into blog posts and carousel posts (eg. ChatGPT).
  • Transform blog posts into videos (eg. Lumen5).
  • Create AI-voiced videos from plain text (eg. Synthesia).
  • Create new opportunities to convert by making content more accessible to visually- or auditory-impaired consumers with text-to-voice generation (eg. or voice-to text-transcription (eg. Descript).

The list goes on and on.

The takeaway is this: AI is not the big monster you might think it is. It is the weapon to get rid of the barriers, constraints, and flaws that marketers have been facing in their daily work.

Have a go at using ChatGPT, Writesonic, Jasper, or, and you will find that AI only enhances your capabilities. With some practice, you will be able to be more creative, focused, and adaptable than you’ve ever been. Think of it as you with the powers of sci-fi characters Lucy or Eddie (Limitless).

The reality is, with AI being able to process data and produce content fast, we’ve entered a new world of infinite possibilities. A marketing world where it’s no longer a race against time, but a race towards message/market fit and campaign scaling.

Therefore, you mastering AI is not a question of when, but how.


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How Do I Learn To Integrate AI Into My Marketing Job In A Career-Safe Way?

This year’s Ad World Conference includes a brand-new AI in Advertising track to get you on that path.

Join Ad World this March 29-30 from the comfort of your home.

Discuss the AI revolution with our expert speakers, like marketing legend Seth Godin, and deep dive into how marketers can harness the power of AI.

You will learn how to:

  • Master ChatGPT prompts and create unique, thumb-stopping content in record time.
  • Automate powerful SEO campaigns with $0 budget.
  • Minimize research efforts.
  • Generate endless creative ideas.
  • Test parallel hypotheses fast, and grow your business with data-driven experiments.

You will hear from companies working at the forefront of marketing and advertising with AI, including Jasper, Zapier, Craftly, Unbounce, and more.

And, you will find out what the future has in store for machine learning (including risks and rewards), and how it will affect the industry.

By the end of the conference, you will have a new creative brain and a transformed approach to growth experimentation.

Book your Ad World ticket now while the Search Engine Journal 20% discount is still available.

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