Microsoft Fills Data Gap In Bing Webmaster Tools API

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Microsoft has fixed the missing data in the Bing Webmaster Tools API. As a reminder, there was a bug that caused the Bing Webmaster Tools API to stop working, then Microsoft fixed it but about a weeks of data was missing. Now, Microsoft has filled the data gap with the missing data.

Fabrice Canel from Microsoft confirmed the issue with the missing data was resolved late Sunday night, saying on Twitter, “And the API now reports on all missing days.” Glenn Gabe, who first spotted this data issue, confirmed the following day that the data was indeed backfilled:

Thank you! I just quickly checked and all of the dates are there. I appreciate your help with this, Fabrice!

— Glenn Gabe (@glenngabe) March 27, 2023

Again, here is the previous issue:

Thanks for reporting Glenn, business travelling back from SMX Munich, I will have the team looking at this ASAP.

— Fabrice Canel (@facan) March 17, 2023

Just checked now and the week of 3/10 is missing. Any way to get that back? Thanks again Fabrice!

— Glenn Gabe (@glenngabe) March 21, 2023

So now, it is a good time to go back in and request the data from the API so you can fill any missing data gaps you have in your software.

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