5 Takeaways From Google’s Revised SEO Starter Guide

5 Takeaways From Google’s Revised SEO Starter Guide

Google completely revamped their SEO Starter Guide in a way that shows five ways to create a focused webpage that inspires trust and a positive user experience. 1. Topic-Rich Links Being useful to readers is a practical approach to web content. The recent Google anti-trust trial revealed...

Google To Cut Their SEO Starter Guide In Half

Google To Cut Their SEO Starter Guide In Half

Google is in the process of reworking its popular Google SEO starter guide, which it initially released in 2010 and then updated in 2017. The starter guide is about 8,500 words right now, but it will be less than half that when the revised SEO starter guide comes out.In the Search Off The...

Google’s SEO Starter Guide Updates: Branding In, Keywords Out

Google’s SEO Starter Guide Set For A Major Update

Google’s SEO Starter Guide, a critical resource for search engine optimization professionals, is undergoing a significant revision. The impending update was announced on the latest episode of “Search Off The Record,” a podcast featuring Google’s Search Relations team members. First launched...

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