Bing Chat Better At News / Sports & Google Bard Can Code

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Google and Bing announced more updates for Google Bard and Bing Chat. Google said Bard can now code, and indeed it can. At the same time, Bing Chat announced a few updates, including being better at showing information on news and sports, amongst other updates.

Bard Can Code

Google announced Bard can now code in over 20 programming languages, including C++, Go, Java, Javascript, Python, and Typescript. Google may even show citations and links when citing sources for similar code, as well as licenses for that code, which it has been having a hard time with.

Bard can now generate code for you, and you can easily export Python code to Google Colab.

Bard Code Generate

Bard can also explain code it reads and also help you debug code. Here is more from Paige Bailey:

βœ¨πŸ™Œ Excited to see this released!

Features citing sources to repos (and their licenses!), if any of the generated code is similar to open-source projects; and the ability to export Python code directly to @GoogleColab.

Be on the lookout for more ecosystem integrations! πŸ‘€

β€” πŸ‘©β€πŸ’» Paige Bailey (@DynamicWebPaige) April 21, 2023

✨An example of citing sources for similar code, as well as licenses for that code.

I *really* appreciate this nod to open-source authors, and OSS community projects. Not to mention, it’s always cool to see that someone has already implemented a function / tool for you! πŸ˜πŸ™ŒπŸ»

β€” πŸ‘©β€πŸ’» Paige Bailey (@DynamicWebPaige) April 21, 2023

Bing News/Sports & More

Bing also announced a bunch of changes, the biggest change is that it said it can now respond better to news and sports-related questions.

Jordi Ribas from Bing showed some examples:

Sharing our latest updates to the new Bing. We’ve made grounding improvements so Bing chat will provide better sports and news answers for questions like “What baseball games are happening today?” or “What are today’s top news stories?” More at:

β€” Jordi Ribas (@JordiRib1) April 21, 2023

I also posted some examples on Search Engine Land – I am not sure if Bing Chat is much better at Google Bard here but I do like the news box integration from Bing Chat.

Also, Bing announced the better math formulas formatting, a reduction in end-of-conversation triggers, a reduction in instances where Bing chat triggered unnecessary duplicative searches and reduction in errors that led to Bing chat returning no response to queries.

Also, a new Bing Chat bug bounty:

A quick commercial break: we are offering a bug bounty program to find vulnerabilities with Bing. If you find something, please let us know through this program. We’ve already paid some people for bugsπŸ’΅. Emoji is curtesy of Bing Chat πŸ™‚

β€” Mikhail Parakhin (@MParakhin) April 21, 2023

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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