Bing Chat Image Creator Now Works In Creative Mode

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A few days ago, I reported that Bing Chat has now integrated the Bing Image Creator tool. But the truth is, it was not integrated, not until at least after 4:30 pm ET yesterday, March 23rd. It now works in Bing Chat under “Creative” mode.

I have been trying it every few hours since it launched, and finally, at 4:30 pm ET last night, it began to work. Later last night, Bing even posted a more detailed blog post about this feature.

Here is an image of [a flower in mud] it made for me (click to enlarge):

click for full size

To compare, this is what MidJourney made for me:

click for full size

In any event, this was not launched when it was announced but Microsoft’s Mikhail Parakhin did say that on Twitter a few times. He said it on March 22nd, the day after it was announced, “Folks, we are aware that Bing Image Creator is overly restrictive with sensitive queries, had to be on the safe side at launch. As we gather feedback, we will be gradually fixing those issues. And it should be fully coming to Bing Chat tomorrow, fingers crossed.”

He then said it yesterday as well in this tweet:

Shipping today in Creative mode. Please give it a few hours.

β€” Mikhail Parakhin (@MParakhin) March 23, 2023

It going live:

As promised, we shipped image generation in Bing Chat Creative mode today. I find this ability to keep tweaking the image quite addictive. Still not Ingrid Bergman, though πŸ™‚

β€” Mikhail Parakhin (@MParakhin) March 24, 2023

Here is a technical quirk about this image creator:

Not yet. As I explained previously, it is quite a bit more expensive, capacity-wise, we want to roll out text understanding and image generation everywhere first.

β€” Mikhail Parakhin (@MParakhin) March 24, 2023

Now it is live – so have fun!

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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