Google Ads Testing AI To Help You Create Ads

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Google Ads is running a small test to help you create ads using AI. Google Bard does not power this, but it is a form of artificial intelligence designed to give you suggested ad headlines and descriptions.

This was spotted by Gil Gildner and then Ginny Marvin, the Google Ads Liason, confirmed that this is a test. Ginny said, “this is a small test, unrelated to Bard.”

Gil said this came up when his co-worker went into Google Ads to create a responsive search ad within Google Ads. Here is a screenshot that says “Google AI can help you create your ads.” It is a beta and goes on to say “Google can suggest ad headlines and descriptions based on information about your business.” It then asks you to describe the product and service you’re advertising and what makes it unique in a few sentences.

Google Ai Create Ads

I love the “Write my own” button.

At least it is not Google Bard. 🙂

Here are those tweets:

Hi Gil, This is a small test, unrelated to Bard.

— AdsLiaison (@adsliaison) April 5, 2023

Note, this was first spotted by Anthony Higman a few weeks ago:

OMFG Can All Of This “AI” Nonsense Please Stop Immediately!!!

“You can have it fast, you can have it good, you can have it cheap: pick two”

I just want good!

Someone wake me up when “AI” has either destroyed the world or this fad is over. Thanks! #PPCchat

— Anthony Higman (@AnthonyHigman) March 22, 2023

Forum discussion at Twitter.

Note: This was pre-written and scheduled to be posted today, I am currently offline for Passover.

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