Google Ads Testing New Design To Improve Workflow

Mar 4, 2023 | SEO News Feeds | 0 comments

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Google announced it is testing a new design to help improve the workflow of advertisers in the Google Ads console. Google said it is “testing new designs to improve how the product is organized and make things easier to find—while continuing to provide the same tools and solutions you rely on to grow your business.”

This is a limited test, so you might not see it yet. Google said, “this experiment will initially roll out to a small number of accounts.”

Here is an overview of the changes:

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(1) A new navigation bar menu where Google is testing both a single-level menu or two-level menu in the Google Ads interface. Google said, the redesign lets you access all of Google Ads tools and features from one better-organized menu instead of the three you are used to. The new navigation is more consistent and predictable—menu items don’t move or vanish as you click into the experience, which should make it easier to find where you need to go and know where you are in the interface. There is also a new “Create” button—just click on the “plus” button to easily create campaigns and ad groups from one place.

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(2) A reorganized interface where Google added two new categories to make it clear what matters most to the success of your campaigns. It is broken down into (1) Goals and (2) Audiences, keywords and content.

(3) A new and refreshed look, Google said that they switched from Roboto to the Google “branded Google Sans font and set at a larger size makes for a friendlier feel and improved readability.” Google also “added sleek new icons to the navigation along with a blue highlight so it is clear where you are in the user experience.”

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