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Google’s John Mueller went back and forth multiple times with some SEOs on the topic of using ChatGPT not to write content from scratch but to rewrite existing content. The responses from John are educational, useful, and somewhat funny as well.

I’ll share as much of the thread as I can and then maybe offer what I think John is saying below.

Why do you need to rewrite your own content? Is it bad?

β€” johnmu is not a chatbot yet πŸ€ (@JohnMu) February 24, 2023

Why do you want to just publish something for the sake of publishing something, rather than publishing something you know to be useful & good? (This is not unique to LLM/AI NLG, it’s the same with unknown-quality human-written content.) What do you want your site known for?

β€” johnmu is not a chatbot yet πŸ€ (@JohnMu) February 24, 2023

I know a lot about cultural norms in Switzerland, do you think it would be a good idea for me to use ChatGPT to write guidelines for how to dress & behave in Pakistan?

β€” johnmu is not a chatbot yet πŸ€ (@JohnMu) February 24, 2023

AI can create bank notes too!

β€” johnmu is not a chatbot yet πŸ€ (@JohnMu) February 25, 2023

It creates quality content?

β€” johnmu is not a chatbot yet πŸ€ (@JohnMu) February 24, 2023

What is John saying here? Well, John is saying, if your content is bad, why are you writing it in the first place? If you know your content is bad, then it is not helpful, will ChatGPT make it helpful for you? How do you know if the ChatGPT version is helpful and quality if your content you originally wrote is not quality? Maybe instead of using ChatGPT to improve the quality of your content, maybe you should focus on topics that you can write quality content about?

Those are just some of my thoughts on John’s thoughts, about ChatGPT being able to make thoughts.

Make sure to read the updated details from Google on using AI content.

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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