Microsoft Doctor and Clinic ads are now in open beta

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Microsoft has just launched a new set of tools and services designed to help healthcare professionals grow their businesses and reach more patients.

These services include:

  • Microsoft Advertising
  • Microsoft Audience Network
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing

Doctor and clinic ads. Healthcare providers can create targeted ads based on location, demographics, and search keywords. They can also track the performance of their ads and adjust their campaigns to improve their results.

Doctor and Clinic Ads are intent-triggered based on search for conditions, symptoms, specialists, and many more. These rich placements provide real-time information to consumers and inspire action, all with no keywords required.

Audience network. With Microsoft Audience Network, healthcare providers can display their ads on a network of trusted websites, apps, and social media platforms. They can also target their ads to specific audiences, such as people interested in health and wellness, or people searching for healthcare services.

Microsoft Dynamics 365. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing, healthcare providers can create personalized marketing campaigns based on patient data, such as their medical history, preferences, and demographics. They can also track the performance of their campaigns and adjust their messaging to improve their results.

Other partnerships. In addition to these services, Microsoft is also offering healthcare providers access to its extensive network of partners and resources. Microsoft has partnered with leading healthcare organizations, such as the American Medical Association and the American Hospital Association, to provide healthcare providers with the resources they need to grow their businesses and reach more patients.

Good to know. Microsoft suggests the following best practices for running doctor and clinic ads.

  • The open beta is available in United States, Australia, India, Germany, France, Canada, and the United Kingdom.
  • The auction for Doctor and Clinic Ads is independent from Text Ads. You can participate in the Doctor and Clinic Ads auction with the campaign associated to your feed file and also participate in the Text Ad auction with your regular campaigns.
  • The Doctor and Clinic Ads auction is cost-per-click (CPC)-based.
  • Feed automation is supported through scheduling to easily keep up with any changes you make.
  • It’s Recommend that you start with $100–$500 per day.
  • Set location targeting in campaign settings as “United States”, “Canada”, or any other available markets. This will ensure ads are eligible to serve all users searching from within these countries.
  • You can bring your own data in the form of audience lists.

Why we care. By utilizing the new tools, advertisers can reach a growing market and reach a new set of potential customers. Microsoft has also partnered with leading healthcare organizations, providing advertisers with access to an extensive network of resources and expertise. This can help advertisers create more effective campaigns and reach a wider audience.

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