Pinterest is experimenting a new premium video ad format

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Pinterest is currently conducting alpha testing of a new ad offering that enables companies to reach customers from a more prominent location within the mobile app.

The new format, tentatively named the “Premiere Spotlight” ad, gives advertisers access to a premium placement on the Pinterest app’s search page for a 24-hour period. As a result, they can reach Pinterest users while they utilize one of the app’s critical features: searching for pins, inspiration, and concepts.

Early testing. The latest version of the Pinterest mobile app features the new ad style with a Kohl’s promotion. The ad includes a brief video with overlaid text and a button that directs users to Kohl’s website, which opens within the Pinterest app, rather than a separate tab.

Pinterest users can then view the retailer’s product recommendations, search for additional items, add them to their shopping cart, and complete the purchase, just as they would if they visited Kohl’s website directly.

How it works. As an alpha test, the pricing for the ad is not presently available as it may alter before a more widespread release. Pinterest will probably select specific brands and creative types for this feature. Additionally, all ads will employ Pinterest’s maximum-width video format.

Pinterest did not say when the new ad format would be available more broadly.

What Pinterest says.

“We’re constantly looking for ways for advertisers to reach the people who come to Pinterest with commercial intent,” a spokesperson said. “As we continue to build a suite of products to drive performance across the full funnel, we’re exploring a new takeover feature that showcases a brand in a new premium, exclusive placement.”

Keeping up with demand. In recent years, Pinterest has been adjusting to the increasing demand for video content from both advertisers and users. Initially a platform for sharing image-based collections, the company transitioned to video with the introduction of Idea Pins in 2021, which provides creators with a TikTok-like experience. In 2022, the platform allowed marketers to transform their Idea Pins into advertisements. Additionally, Pinterest expanded its short-form video offerings this year by partnering with Condé Nast to produce 160 exclusive videos for the site featuring top brands such as Vogue and Architectural Digest.

In its Q4 earnings call the previous month, Pinterest stated that it had increased its video content supply by 30% compared to the previous quarter. The company noted that providing high-quality content would enhance user engagement, especially among Gen Z.

Why we care. Pinterest has a user base of over 450 million people, and the platform is particularly popular among women and younger demographics. The new advertising format allows advertisers to occupy a prime position on the search page, which is a key feature of the app. Furthermore, Pinterest’s emphasis on high-quality video content aligns with the trend of increased demand for video advertising.

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