This day in search marketing history: March 6

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Google Webmaster Tools adds user administration

In 2012, Google Webmaster Tools added a much-wanted feature: user administration.

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Site owners could finally give people access to their Google Webmaster Tools account without having to share their own usernames and passwords or make them go through the verification process.

Site owners could grant three types of access: Owner, Full or Restricted.

Read all about it in Google Webmaster Tools Finally Adds User Administration.

Also on this day

Analysis of 250 million SERPs finds no-click story more complex than it appears

2020: Overall, the study found a blended desktop and mobile zero-click percentage of about 44%.

Majority of consumers want standards and tougher action against review fraud

2020: Survey found that U.S. consumers wanted severe financial penalties for retailers that didn’t protect review integrity.

Duplex-powered Google Assistant restaurant booking expanding to more states and users

2019: Google announced that Pixel phone users could use Duplex via the Google Assistant to book restaurant reservations over the phone in 43 U.S. states.

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Moz on Domain Authority 2.0: How SEOs should (and shouldn’t) use it

2019: A conversation with Moz’s Russ Jones about what had changed.

Google’s Gboard for Android keyboard now supports 300+ languages

2018: Google said Gboard for Android covered 74% of the world’s population.

Disney theme parks now on Google Street View

2018: Users could now virtually tour almost every inch of Disney’s many theme parks.

Conductor will help WeWork offer ‘holistic’ proposition to enterprise customers

2018: It would now be able to manage customers’ physical and digital presence.

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Google is shrinking AdWords’ view-through conversion window default

2017: The conversion window would default to one day at the end of March.

Google to shutter Trusted Stores program in favor of new reviews program

2017: The new program would be integrated with Google Merchant Center.

Google ‘related picks’ now showing under some top stories carousels

2017: Google looked to show you more AMP top stories by adding a query expansion feature in the mobile search results.

FAQ: How to get Google Assistant on your Android phone

2017: Google Assistant was officially available for many Android phones, but the rollout would take time.

Google Mobile Friendly Update Currently Doesn’t Differentiate Some Desktop Ranking Signals

2015: Google was experimenting with breaking out certain ranking signals on a mobile versus desktop basis.

Google Debuts AdWords Dynamic Structured Snippets

2015: Automated extensions displayed content from ad landing pages.

Google Says It Is Working On Improving App Discovery Within Web Search

2015: Google was looking into ways to improve app discovery through App Indexing in web search, as a way to help searchers discover helpful content within apps that they didn’t yet have installed.

Google Changes Car Insurance Links After SEOs Complain

2015: Google quickly changed its keyword-rich anchor text in a recent blog post to avoid controversy around link spam and link schemes.

Search In Pics: Google & Muppets, Yahoo Yodeling & Google Hamentashen

2015: The latest images showing what people eat at the search engine companies, how they play, who they meet, where they speak, what toys they have, and more.

As Google Upgrades Google Maps Business Listings, Conflicts Happen Including Duplicate Listing Issues

2014: Google was sending out notices of the duplicate place listings conflict via email to those impacted.

Yahoo Rolling Out Indoor Maps (via Nokia)

2014: Improved maps were part of Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer’s overall effort to boost search usage.

Google Demotes The Pirate Bay UK Search Ranking

2013: Google was demoting the rank of the search result for the phrase [Pirate Bay], the well-known BitTorrent tracker, on the UK version of Google.

Enhanced Campaigns: Offer Extensions & Location Targeting Explained

2013: A new reporting tool made it easier to see what location targets triggered your ads and where your users were when they saw your ads.

Microsoft’s ViralSearch: Search Engine For Measuring Tweets & Viral Content

2013: ViralSearch analyzed news, videos, and photos shared within Twitter to see how many shares there were throughout the user base, over time and over generations of users.

Twitter Improves Mobile Search: Top Tweets, Autocomplete & Web Browser

2013: Upgrades to the Twitter mobile app included an improved relevancy engine for top tweets, improved auto-completion for search and an easier web browser for results.

Associated Press To Use Google Maps For Super Tuesday Results

2012: AP would supply the feed of vote results and subscribers would be able to use Google Maps to display on their websites or on other platforms.

Israel: Google Street View Will Be “Good For Tourism & Image”

2011: Despite the Israeli government’s apparent enthusiasm for the service, there were reports that Google would move slowly in Israel.

Google Maps Allows Third Parties To “Close” Local Businesses

2009: Anyone could go in and request that a business listing be permanently removed because the location was, allegedly, permanently closed.

AdSense Publisher Sues Google And Wins

2009: The judge said, “I don’t think I have the power here in Palo Alto small claims court to make you reinstate his account, but I think you owe this young man $721.”

Microsoft Cashback Comes to the MSN Toolbar

2009: If the users wouldn’t go to Live Search for Cashback, Cashback would go to users. At least their toolbars.

Search and Trends On Twitter Begins Showing Up

2009: Many Twitter users were noticing the new search bar and trends tab.

Importance Of SEO Makes Front Page Of Los Angeles Times

2009: As part of her new job, a woman discovered that how people search — and maintaining a search friendly website — was an essential part of the content process. 

Search In Pictures: Yahoo Birthday Cake, Bus & Google Ski Hat

2009: The latest images showing what people eat at the search engine companies, how they play, who they meet, where they speak, what toys they have and more.

Yahoo Maps Adds More Data, Other Improvements

2008: Improvements included more “granular” U.S. neighborhood data for 300 cities and 12,000 neighborhoods.

Google & Yahoo Execs Stay On $1 Salary

2007: Meanwhile, four top Google executives each received a $250,000 raise.

Google’s Schmidt At Tech Conference Talks On Mergers, Ads, Apple & Arrogance

2007: Google said they were “just at the beginning of our ability to target ads. There are many new technologies coming.”

Dissecting Microsoft Slams At Google As Copyright Infringer

2007: The more Microsoft painted itself as some type of pure protector of copyright, the harder it would fall as people found examples where it failed to meet expectations.

Report: Google Gaining, But Baidu Still Dominates In China

2007: Apparently Google’s increased investments in China were paying off. 

More Google Phone Rumors

2007: Google acquisitions and partnerships, plus the Google & Orange talks and Google & Samsung partnership, with some insider information, led many to believe Google was working on a mobile phone.

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